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We create and develope
medical brands

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About us

ThinkGroup S.A. is a company that owns many brands specialized in healthcare sector. Professionalism and experience have enabled us to achieve the expert position in the medical industry. We focus our efforts on health because, as we believe, it is the value that touches every aspect of life.

ThinkGroup S.A. brands fulfill social mission which is aimed at educating the society, improving the quality of medical services in Poland, and also implementing innovative services in medical marketing sector. Our actions are multi-faceted. We are able to put them into practice due to a number of companies in various areas of medical industry.

Our services include public relations activities for medical sector (HealthThink), the organization of medical events (Mobilne Badania) and solutions in the field of medical education (Egzaminy Lekarskie).

ThinkGroup S.A. constantly creates new companies by diversifying its actions in healthcare industry.